“Each Day is a second chance”!

Whatever you didn’t do yesterday,or didn’t say,or didn’t accomplish is one thing,

But don’t let it spill over into the new day,because you and I have a second chance today.

Concerns and worries are best left there,as they allow for new ones to inhabit today,

Today is different from then,today is a brand new day,a gift to treasure and to use .

As it’s Sunday,it’s a day to catch up maybe with friends or family,or to commune with the spiritual side of life,

Whatever we do,it is new and not old,it’s not a continuous overspill that creates an emotional congestion in us.

Maybe,we can hear the birds in a brand new way,we can greet our family member in a brand new way,

There are oh so many ways that we can use this day as our personal second chance,our new start.

As the sun has come up,allow the sun to come up in your life,breath in the goodness that life can bring you,

Show love to people,reach out to them,tell the special people in your life that you care for them,

Tell them in such a way so as they never forget,never feel alone,because this day is a second chance.


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