One act of compassion can touch a whole society!

When we do what we can,with what we have,in the pursuit of something that doesn’t benefit us,then that is noble,

Like the story of the Good Samaritan,something that is untarnished,pure,without stain,enters into us.

That man or woman living today who will become a Good Samaritan is a powerful image in my head,

The person who does a selfless thing without thought of reward that is a powerful thing indeed.

You see,in the story,a man was going down from Jerusalem to Jericho,a distance now of about 13 miles,not uncommon thousands of years ago in that land.He was to be set upon by robbers,who,as the account says,beat so badly that he was left half dead.

Now the road wasn’t deserted,and it wasn’t long before he was to be viewed by two other people,but no ordinary people you could say.No,the two people that saw him were both high ranking religious people of the day,they were a priest,and a copier of religious texts,or scribe.They would have been busy no doubt with their work ,their daily duties,but they were the keepers of all things religious as it were.They professed to commune with the most high.Yet,they saw this man lying half dead on the road,and walked on,they did nothing.

Now,this story does have a happy ending,and you,dear reader,probably know it.Yes,along the road came a man ,a Samaritan man-called thus because he was from a different religious order,and one looked down upon by the religious leaders of the day as one not worthy of having any insight into Relgious affairs-however this man ,this Samaritan man ,upon seeing the dead man he felt pity ,he felt compassion,and he did something.He got this half dead man ,lifted him up unto his ass,and took him to an inn ,but before he did that ,he dressed the man wounds used his means ,and made sure that he was in a state to travel.Now this Samaritan man was just like you and me,a human,hem gut not have known the so called special divine knowledge of the scribe or the priest,but he saw the plight of his fellow human being and acted.

So today,we don’t need special knowledge really to come to the aid of a fellow human who might be in a bad way,but we do need to be willing to show compassion,pity and love.

Who of us have not been touched by the story of the Good Samaritan,who of us ,who of us.

Let’s do our best to live the story if the need ever arises.

Thank you.


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