For the love of walking!

With a cadence strong and true,with dogs faithful and true,scented flowers and trees in bloom,

When pace is dictated by the observed sounds that live in the river,and caress our senses in its reflections.

For this snapshot of life,shared by others in this country park,shared with the variety of human interactions that make up Britain,

For in different shapes and sizes,our contrasting lifestyles and the like,we are all lovers of the country,dwellers of a more friendly life pace.

As a walk of say 4 miles becomes refreshed from a visit to the station cafe,just obserbng the excitement of the children waiting to board the little steam train lifts my spirits,that observed enjoying in steam slow motion,

With slower cadence on the way back ,and the breeze affecting the river,it felt more metaphysical,less of a contrived atmosphere,my imagination let me think of wether the children of 1990 bring their children back to !Moors  Valley,and wether they think of its early days,wether they see just how good a country park it is now.?

My imagination is one thing,perhaps the reality might be different as it often is,but I like to think of these romantic thought journeys have a place in life that satisfy my muse.

Rivers and streams leave their mark on us all,they also allow animal and aquatic life to prosper,and this country park in our local area here in East Dorset is a good resource,it is a shared space and very much part of ur community.

So,this was a very pleasant walk indeed!


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