Long Live thought!

It’s almost five in the morning,there is light though,maybe low level and lacking in intensity,but still light,

But at this time of the day with no environmental sounds,the bird song have their day,their rehearsal is such a joy.

From early stirrings to full blown symphony chorus,I continue to marvel,and continue to muse on their ability to inspire.

When we as humanity are apt to look for reasons for activity,as if we are hard wired for such a function,these creatures just do,they just do,

My awareness of a pause conjoins with a mental pause ,a stunted flow of words,a heavy ponderous feeling,or in Italian Pesante!

Ian How long will it continue,I know not,for if we knew everything from another moment,then fear of entering that moment would kick in.

No,we can’t,we mustn’t give way to fear,but,instead,we must live,we must use what we have ,we must ,we must,we must.

Opinions vary as to what life should be about and in many ways our smile,our disposition is our main advert,

Sometimes we refuse to create due to failure,but failure is part of life,as success is part of it too.

Frankly,I like to be pleased for another’s success,and especially for the success of young people,as that will inspire to keep going.

So,in this break for something to say,something to project unto the ether,I still exist,I still am,just like I was before,

So also,in success of failure,we still live and exist and have a measure of power to feel alive.

I feel that create is to appreciate my life,wether it is validated by my fellowman is another matter,

As their Polemic is justified to a degree,so is my need to create justified in that it fuels my life,my existence.

So softly the bird song becomes not Pesante,but dolce and increases in intensity and tempo to Allegretto,

Yes,those wonderful Italian terms that inhabit my creative existence and are the handmaiden of my muse.

We all can lift ourselves up from the mire of “the pursuit of things”,to “the beauty of appreciation”,

We can,if we want to,but if our mind escapes to other pastures ,then we might explain in some other way.

But other ways are for ther people ,their create journey,their life,but this is mine,this is how I see it,and I leave you with this moment,this time,this ,this,this,time,for in this time I wrote ,I wrote,I wrote

As the day moves on since I started these jottings,sleep has been the friend of the many ,their refuelling continues and I rejoice in that,for that will help them on their holiday.

For ,like the birds who sing together,and sometimes in turn,we rejoice in the good of our fellowman and in their wellbeing,knowing that bitterness and a lack of innate love can destroy our soul,and kill an artist,a poet,a writer,a musician.

Live your life today,live it because it is yours.Have joy in it like the good person that you are.

To explore our own mind,to excavate it,to penetrate our own consciousness,is,to me ,profoundly creative and satisfying.

Long live thought.

Thank you.



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