It started mid afternoon in our neck of the woods,

Just drizzle,drizzle,drizzle,and then it intensified.

Now,as the skies opened ,our journey from Portsmouth to Verwood proved quite an ordeal,

It became driving rain,it got worse and worse,until visibility got to us and we felt a fast heart beat.

But I have known it rain worse,very much worse,I have been out in gale force driving rain to the point of being unable to stand up,

If it was meant to frighten me,it didn’t,because I have always respected the elements and always knew that you can’t argue with them,because there is only ever one winner.

So,as I sit in my warm home ,in a brick sanctuary,I spare a thought for the men and woman who are out there now in the rain,the emergency services,the RNLI!those small boat fishermen ,all those who just have to grapple with the elements,

To those dear men and women,I salute you and the work that you do,and remember those who innocently succumbed to those ferociously elements.



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