It’s funny,you feel tired,ready to turn in for the night,but the events of the day churn around,

When I say events,I mean the stuff of life,the good stuff,the joys and the peaks that you hold onto.

When I was a boy,my uncle would sing sea shanties,he sang them all the time,it made him happy,

He lived for each day,he laughed a lot,drank too much,yes too much,but lived his life to the full.

When I think of him,I always think of that phrase”Livng life to the full”for in that he did,

He lived it to the full,no regrets,he said what he thought,he made the best of what he had.

Going to work arm14,he didn’t have the benefits that I had,but he didn’t complain he got on,

That spirit call it what you will,affected me then,and still does now,and I think it’s important to take what comes at you.

So,life is good,it’s good tonight .Thank you from me.



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