Music for all people !

Once,many decades ago,a person I knew asked a question to a music teacher and it was this;”Why do you tap your foot to music sir”?

Looking back,it seemed an innocent question to me to be honest,but to my teacher it was the sign of no hope,for in the question,to him at least,their was a pointlessness at rendered him speechless.To him,you see,if you had to explain why you were tapping your foot to music,then the person asking was beyond help.

At the time,I stored that away,but throughout my career as a musician ,I have always tried to get someone to tap their foot,and it has been my lifelong work.It has never been my judgement that people are beyond education in music.Yes,some might not have innate ability,but all people deserve the same chance that I had,the same exposure as it were.

So to,in life,we all deserve the chance to rise above our background to prosper through education,love and friendship.We all deserve to be appreciated for what we do,we offer,we give.

So talent isn’t the domain of everyone,but appreciation can be nurtured ,it can be given a platform.

My son Sam,who is now singing in Germany believes this so much,and apart from exposing him,and teaching him music,I feel that by giving him a set of values to work him,I have redesigned what was broken in my poverty stricken background,thus breaking the cycle that could have continued throughout the generations.

So,in conclusion to this post,I feel that no-one is beyond being helped to understand the arts,it’s just that we teachers have to work hard at explaining our art,our goals as it were,and hard work shouldn’t be shied away from.



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