“In England’s green and pleasant land”!

It’s that time of year ,it’s that special outdoor time,it’s Summer.

When we all look forward to our holidays,a chance to have  some don time,

If we have booked sme time away ,it’s on our computer or mobile phone.

As a child,I lived so very close to the most beautiful beaches in the UK,

I can honestly say that I didn’t feel deprived because I never went away on holiday.

In recent years,I’ve enjoyed some beautiful scenery in the UK from the mountains of North Wales to the Lakes of Cumbria,

These visits have energised me,as they are so different from where I live in Dorset.

Living here,just a stones throw from the New Forest,I know just how lucky I am to live near a National Park,

Without a doubt ,I am a lucky man to have this wonderful resource just on my doorstep.

Sometimes though,I am apt to take it for granted,and maybe not utilise it to the degree that I could,

But when someone reminds us of how beautiful it is through conversation,or through social media,I am grateful that they have helped me to re-calibrate my thoughts.

Just getting out into the forests with my dogs is a wonderful thing,and I never come back from a walk with them feeling sad,

So living in the midst of England’s green and pleasant land is a joyful thing,and my glass is full,and it is good to be alive.


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