I Listen!

I listen ,I listen ,I listen,

When sounds are heard,when silences are observed,

L listen,I listen,I listen,

If words are said,if words are not said,

I listen,I listen,l listen,

If reasons are sincerely given,and longings are desired,

I listen,I listen,I listen,

I listen because I think that wisdom starts with sincere interest,and sincere interest can only come if you listen.

It’s my personal panacea ,it’s my personal goal as a musician,it’s my need in being a true friend,it’s just my modus operandi,

Yes,I make mistakes,and I make mistakes daily,but,but,but,I keep my goal to the forefront,and that is to be a good listener,

Then,and only then,can I develop those human qualities of compassion,empathy,pity,modesty,humility.Those cardinal qualities come when I listen when I really listen.

Thank you for reading this.


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