“The joy of a happy memory”!

Today,I have the rich,resonant sound of the Cello in my head,and of a performance of the Elgar Cello concerto that I heard at Dorking well over a month ago.Its my thing,I know,and ,to many,I might seem odd,but it’s how my mind talks to me,as if it’s taking out a soothing beautiful experience and saying,”here you are,savour this,and enjoy everything that makes your life worth living,”

That night,I had listened to my son narrate the “Young person’s guide to the orchestra”by Britten,it was the last thing he did before he took up his contract to sing in Germany for two years.It was lovely seeing all the children there enthralled by the orchestra,and ,although he is my son,Sam has that ability to capture the attention of everyone by his voice and magnetism.

As I recount this,I record it on my blog,and also I do this to show that,to me,the greatest thing that I possess is my mind in that it stores memories for me,it has soothed me in the night as it were.Now,your memory,your mind,your consciousness is your own gift,your own treasure,but I wish you joy with it,I wish that you can commune with it in privacy,the privacy of silence if only for 5 minutes.Those minutes can really help you to feel energised,to feel able to live your life,the life that you want,and need.
Thank you so very much for your attention to my musings ,it’s so very much appreciated.


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