“Moments to be cheerful,Part 1”!

When the day ahead has a highlight,when the seconds,minutes and hours leading up to that highlight grip your mind,you feel alive,as if a break from the routine is so needed.To me,life should have these highlights,these mountain peaks of emotions,those experiences that you look back on,those WOW moments.

When I think about it,wow moments are wonderful to observe.Why,only recently,I asked a pupil what she would be doing in her half term holiday;her reply was just so wonderful.She told me that she would be spending it with her family from Birmingham,and that they would all be on a barge going along a canal in the West Midlands.Truly,her excitement was electric,and in those moments,I felt that I was there with her and her family and I wanted to share the emotion.She was going to take her guitar on the boat,and her grandfather would sing folk songs and she would play too,it sounded like a wow moment.Now,I can understand that many wouldn’t put something like that down as a WOW moment,but in these times when so many young people want to retreat behind a device or their own teenage cohort ,it warmed my heart.

Obviously,as a counter narrative,I have to mention that my pupil is in middle school,and thus is 11,so it’s not the same as highlighting an experience form someone who is older,however,it did affect me,and it warmed my heart to be there in that moment.Now,let’s fast forward that Wow time to this week,and when I caught up with her,it was equally as good for her as she had hoped ,and I was so very pleased for her.

So,I like to see people having these moments in their lives that prove to be reference points to look back on when times are tough,or when the daily grind of that endless routine becomes too much.Yes,I like that oh so much,because everyone deserves a measure of happiness,a break from the routines of life a chance to recharge batteries,and a period of joy to deflect negativity.

Now,as another example,I want to mention someone from my teenage years who personified that way of living.He was,in many ways,quite a morose character when he was teaching ,and he struggled with those who were ,as he said “Average”,and he would often use  the term to describe our Econimics class,and ,I suppose he was right,however,Mr Mitchell lived for moments,and those moments were his rock climbing.Now,if your thinking that that you can understand how climbing in Cornwall could give you a buzz,now factor in that he only had one arm.Now,are you getting the measure of this man?Yes,Mr Mitchell,just did this dangerous hobby,but with the added complication of having only one arm.However,I can honestly say to you that the only time he was in a good mood was on a Monday morning,and that lesson was always so much better,yes,we were still average,but we were happy because he was happy,and the time went by so quickly.

So,through life,I have often thought of what makes me tick what I get out of bed for,and I have to conclude that to me my Wow moments have been spent by the sea,soaking up the Atlantic roar,just soaking it up.Yes,even though I haven’t lived in Cornwall for decades,I can still hear these sounds now,I feel the vibrations,connect with the pulses,are drawn to their cross currents that remind me of cross rhythms.

About 6 years ago,I caught up with Mr Mitchell at Mevagissey because he had joined the Mevagissey choir ,and they were performing on the quay.He was still his morose self,and had given up climbing ,but he still had a glint  in his eye as he said “This choir I’m in,it’s so Average”,we both knew what he meant,but my respect for him was still there ,still a poignant moment,and I have a very soft spot for Mr Mitchell.

So,if you have moments that you can feed on,live them to the full,live life as much as you can.

Thank you.


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