It’s been a good weekend,it’s been a change of pace,change of scenery,

If I could have observed the sound of the sea a little more ntelligently,if the bird song had affected me more,then I would have grown more.

We are apt to want to progress in our humanity at a greater pace than we can manage,causing us to be frustrated,

However,I know that I am aware of the desire to improve to listen more,to never ignore ,never pre-judge the plight of my fellowman.

So now I am taking stock of my weekend,grateful for the measure of health that I enjoy,forever mindful of my comforts,forever appreciative of the blessings of life and the patience of there to my foibles,

As I reflect on this,I realise that life is good,that Tonight I am in a good place,my sons are both making a difference in their respective lives,and I have made a difference in the lives of others.

So,Tonght there is reason for me to be in a good place,happy in my life,happy n the knowledge that I’m doing my best,and King of my best.

Yes,Tonight is good,tonight is good.!
Thank you.


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