Respecting the ideas of all young people!

There is oh so much joy in conversations with young students.As I mature in age,the temptation to be rigid in my opinions and attitudes is present,however,young people are such a vital antidote to these traits.Yust hearing them express their views ,hearing their ideas,observing just how they think is honestly a wonderful thing to me.

My views on Politics might be quite grounded but I am always learning from others,and having to debate,happy to ask questions,and to answer as well.Whenever, young people talk to me,I am always struck by their sense of justice and fair play,and I am struck by their engagement in the issues that really affect us all.Sometimes as adults,we are apt to be very cynical and judgemental,where as,the young are happy to pull up the ideological carpet as it were,and they get stuck into debate.Granted,many young people are introverted and perhaps lack in the communication skills that we might rake for granted,however,they can learn with the right guidance and encouragemtent,and their contributing to the debate is sorely needed.

Whenever we allow young people license to express ther ideas without prejudice or judgement,we allow them a safe vehicle to express in themselves in an arena that is emotionally safe,condusve to their personal growth.When we listen to their ideas,when we express ourselves,when we compliment them without resorting to Pseudo praise,when we allow authentic Polemic,then those intellectual knowledge seeds will germinate.Yes,as the years go on,those seeds will have to be watered,but every Young person is a seed,and everyone deserves to be watered.

As my teaching day draws to an end,I feel a sense that young people are worthy of out attention,our respect,and our sincere efforts.As teaches,we have that privilege,as parents and carers,we have them as precious ones within our family circle.

Thank you for your attention.


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