Thankful for another day!

When the day is ended,when the events recede to nothing,

We take stock,regroup,think about them,and their affect on us.

Chances are,we got through,we navigated ,we compromised,we were surprised and energised,

But no matter what surprises were at our door,there are constants in our lives,emotional fixtures and fittings .

We can somehow cope when we have some of these fixtures and fittings in place,some points of solace,some plaques,

As we place them on our emotional walls,they remind us of who we are,what we are,and how we got to this place.

If we didn’t have any emotional plaques,we would just exist in the material universe cut adrift,without a rudder to steer us into our safe ports,

When we have a safe port for our souls to rest,then we have context for our hopes and dreams.

As everyone needs hopes and dreams to furnish our schemes,we also need people to share them with,to talk to,to be silent with,

So,as this day is almost ended,it’s now  the time when we say ,”We got through,we did what we do”,we hope for that rest to recharge us,but if it escapes us,we have thoughts,positives entwined in a coat of memory of rose scented petals,each telling a fragrant story of the day.

In my case,the smiles of nurses,the care of a cleaner,the consolation of the surgeon,with profound concern of the kindred spirits in our life,why these stamp the day out as worth living,so that we are glad that we are,that we are here on terra ferma ,that to exist is to be,to feel,to think,to love,to as the worthy prince of the bard,”to dream”,!!

For all life has within it some spec of comfort,some molecule of comfort,some plasma of purity,some membrane to protect,some glucose to sustain,some osmotic knowledge by which we say”I’m glad that I soaked up that conversation,those words of advice,those mantras of unity “!

Thankful for another day!


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