“Loves in need of Love today”!

Life,like the keys of a diatonic scale,has many strands,

People like you and me make up this country be call Britain.

Scale in music and a diatonic one in particular are called Monarchic,

That means,like a Monarchy,some notes take precedent over others.

In a scale,which is how the Western classical music developed its tradition,

We have grown comfortable and we feel that it works.

So,like the scale,in Britain we are comfortable with our system of a constitutional monarchy,because , by and large,it works.

Musicians have always,down through the centuries,played together,their very core has to be one of co-operation,

But,like the scale,they might play the second violin part,of blow a Tuba,or strike the Tubular bells.

Britain and British people are ,from my 58 years of life,a pretty tolerant people,

Our monarch who opened Parliament every year,reside as head,but not as a despot devoid of benevolence.

We have her majesty’s government,and her majesty’s opposition which we accept as a fair system,

Out lawmakers,although not perfect,have been duly elected to represent us and serve us .

They carry out these duties and are re-elected once every 5 years,that is our system,and it is still the envy of numerous other countries,

Sometimes,the audience wish for and enjoy a key change within a piece of music,and that becomes part of the tapestry of sound,

In Britain,we might be drawn to a key change each time an election occurs,we might elect a new administration.

But,when we really think about it,when we dwell on it,then we realise that we are part of the whole in Britain,

We have a sound,a voice,a life as it were,but we are in this piece of music ,this composition,this makeup called Britain.

Now,as far as I can see,I’m like the Tubular Bells,the second violin as it were in my country,and,like you,I accept that,

I know that I can’t be the conductor, the leader,the first violins,the Cellos.

But ,along with you,I can make a contribution to the fabric of Britain playing music,playing my part and having joy in it.

The title of my blog post today is from the title track of the epoch Album by Stevie Wonder,”Songs in the key of Life”,it’s called Love’s in need of love today”.

We all live ,we all have loved ones,no matter what place we have in society,and we all need love,and we need it TODAY!

Thank you .



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