From the first sight of a wonderful scene from New Zealand,to the sounds of two bird songs,

Reflections play a part in my life,and probably yours too.

My association with them dates back to childhood an the need to imitate sounds that I heard on a jukebox for my sister,

Those needs filled me with contentment and a sense of achievement in myself.

As today reflections play a part in what we observe,what we know of the world,and what we feel about it.

People ,at times,are a reflection of others,and there are always comparisons made between mothers and daughters,fathers and sons.some are helpful,even accurate,others are not so.

On this Father’s Day,I have reflected on what it has meant for me over the last 32years.Id like to think that I’ve done a good job on the whole,and I would say  that my sons are both good people.Yes,they are ,in many ways totally different,and they have followed completely different career paths.

But are they a reflection of me?No,I would say not,although many people have remarked that one of my end is a likeness to me.

Does it matter?Personally as I never knew my father,I never had any comparisons to make,so no it doesn’t.However,I have known those who have struggled to emulate the achievements of their parents,and emotionally,I feel that this could be,and has been a problem.

So,reflections to me are wonderful to observe in nature.Like the beautiful image from New Zealand of the mountain and the lake,and the birds singing just now,but people,no,I don’t think that we should do that to our fellowman.I feel that we should have up individuality,and I guard mine and nurtur it,and respect others too profoundly.


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