“I’m rebuilding ,one brick at a time”!

So,I’ve had a minor op,nothing serious,nothing I can’t cope with,

But got put to sleep,got the self -control button taken away.

It’s been a tad painful,painful like being a featherweight against a middle weight,yep lots of body hurts,

But,I’m ready to get back to my pupils,ready to stop dreaming in my lounge,ready to get back out there.

So,anything changed in the 5 days of my enforced Sebatical?

Well yes,something in Britain changed,someone pulled their hate trigger,someone ,someone,someone.

It’s time to bath people in music,music,music,it’s the only thing I have ,but it’s oh so much better than hate that poisonous bile that infects with its foul smelling canker and destroys lives.

So,I’m going to do just that today,I’m going to do what I do,I am going to love my fellow human,help them as much as I can,

You will do the same,because you don’t hate,you might debate,but you don’t hate,do you?

Thank you,and have a good day.



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