Musical Gifts!

Today,I received a gift,a musical gift,

It came in the form of just a single phrase of music.

To say it made me cry,or I welled up,is,in truth,how it was,

But to place context,it was the Brahms intermezzo in A.

This wonderful piece of music,this romantic gem,came from the fingers of a 17 year old ,

My student who I have invested my vocational time in since she was 5 years of age.

Her performance,although not perfect,showed a sensitivity and a grasp of the time and space,

It was,in that moment,an intimate silence when the work was finished.

So,I turned away,caught up in that moment,arrested by its sheer depth,it’s emotional poetry as it were,

For in that moment,my brain fused with my heart,and I thought that the years since the first tentative lessons were worth it.

This musical gift that came my way wrapped in a teenage modesty,that insecurity that I had once felt myself,once tread emotionally,

For in that time and space that latent energy of that capsule of tears filled by up in my skin bottle,my receptacle of memories.

So,that gift,that time,that presence,that shared emotion was my gift,my real payment.
Thank you.



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