The Joy in not having all the Answers !

When I was younger,I searched for truth,I read and read,searching,searching,

Now I’m older,I realise that I just don’t have the answers,and I don’t  need them either.

But,and this is the thing,I desperately want to live,want to hear the sound of waves crashing against rocks,

I want to listen to young people as they search for their truth,but I don’t want to use undue I fluence on them.

No,our world has complex problems,it has so much that concerns us profoundly,but it also has so much that is good,

When I observe the good things that our Doctors and nurses,our college workers,our social workers,indeed,so many people do to help mankind,I feel that life is essentially,Good.!

So,after 58 years of life,I don’t know all the answers,my world view appears simplistic,but it’s one that continues to grow in its tolerance of others.From a closed minded perspective of my younger years ,I am allowing time to move me forwards to a less judgemental state.

So,there is life after not knowing,or thinking that you know .


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