“Music Speaks Louder Than Words”!

music speaks louder than words,and its the currency that causes the least offence in my opinion.

sometimes,my words my be clumsy or may appear to be ill chosen,and that has been the case in the past.

with music,the flow of sounds,caccoonned in a shell of shape lends to its structure emotional content,

why,its very formation is,to me,at least,an attraction to folk from around the world.

Wherever you travel in the world,you see evidence of music and musicians,they are a sustaining presense,

My theme that music does speak louder than words is,on the one hand ,a phrase first said to me by my gran as a child,

but its essence lies with the generations of anticuity,our forefathers,sang folk music,they slef entertained,they sang to lift their spirits when they were feeling down.

Nowadays,music still speaks louder than words ,but we need to want that ,and we need to tune out the white noise of chatter,celebrity,and sheer 24. hour new media propaganda that we are comfronted with,

when we do that ,when we let music do it wonderful work,then it truly does speak louder than words.


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