“Oh,the Sea,the Sea!”

When the wind blows by the sea,the energy and majesty that it generates always fills me with awe.Along the South coast today ,at Ringsread bay,at around 11 in the morning,I felt that majesty.Yes,I’ve felt the sea breeze so many times before and in different contexts,but today it blew up the waves,sending the detritus of the sea basin to the surface.This sound,this time,this scene,this punctuation in a day as it were gave me pause to reflect.

When the sea is totally calm ,we are apt to feel that we might easily conquer it ways,becoming it’s master,as it were.However,when the wind blows,when the waves start to swell,why we become the servants of its majesty,it’s power as it were.

IF,like Iris Murdoch would beautifully portray the sea as a metaphor to life,we all have to appreciate that we can’t control everything in our life.For example,we might want to be the masters over our health,and to a degree,we might achieve that.However,we can’t control the onset of getting older,developing conditions or diseases.So,just like the sea that can be calm at times,it can so easily change,and we must accept that and adapt to it.

When I was a child,I just loved to watch the waves on the Newquay beaches,and,to a lesser degree now,I’m still the same if I have the opportunity.Watching the waves for sometimes hours at a time,I learnt to detect subtle changes in the structure f the waves that meant potential danger to those who might enter those waters.So to,our health can be like that ,and we are wise if we take remedial action if we are alerted to any change in our health status.

As the sea is a living organic metaphor,you,dear reader,might associate it with their reference points in your life and that ,to me,is the main point of this blog.

Leaving the foreshore today,I hope to return soon to its magnetic waves,and as I grow older,the draw of the sea becomes ever more real to me.As there isn’t a prescription to any feelings or thoughts that should be experienced there,but there might be a clarion call to its charms and spirit.So,if your able to visit the seashore,go do it,and do it soon.
Thank you for your attention.



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