The Discipline of Practice!

Having just completed 30 minutes of exercise this morning,I realise that all the information about endorphins and the benefit of regular aerobic exercise is now becoming real to me.
Just like any advice that we receive,process,and then accept or reject or just become ambivalent,I now think that those words of advice were indeed sage ones,and it is ,at last ,after a couple f months ,becoming real to me.

As exercise isn’t an easy thing to do on a regular basis,and we all struggle to find something that suits us,it seems salient to find something that we can be disciplined at.

To me,the thing that has helped me to be disciplined in life has been music,or the pursuit of the art ,as it were.Practise has to be a regular thing,r we just can’t achieve anything that is in anyway worthwhile.So,as I write this post that appears to be abut physical exercise,I have to acknowledge the power that dong music has given me,and that is discipline.

Nowadays,children might struggle with that concept,as our technological age fosters a quick results mentality engendered in the computer games,and more so,the online industry that has now become an almost global pursuit.Whilst I applaud the good that the web has accomplished,it also produced a generation f players,rather than in our country,a generation f coders.Now,wth the onset of the STEM priorities in all comprehensive schools,it is hoped that Britan will catch up and produce the scientists and coders of tomorrow.

However,to learn any academic discipline takes time and it is rigorous.Just as the research for Physical activity increasing mental output is equally so,so to is the pursuit of coding.

So,to conclude,I have a lng way to go,but I have made progress this morning .
Thank you 


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