Just being myself!

It’s time to get up,brush myself down,decide on a plan for today,

Sometimes,if I don’t have one,I don’t get much done,I vegetate.

If I wasn’t such a dreamer,I’d run a few miles,cycle in the forest,generally be up outside in the element,

No,not me,I have to work myself up for it so to speak,I have to prepare the ground as they say,

But ,I worry not,I try not to compare myself with others as that can be pointless to me at least.

Don’t get me wrong,there are so many merits in those who push their bodies to the extreme,

Those who run marathons for charity and run from Lands end to John o Groats.

No,I’m a steady steady person,and quite boring at that,but most days I get things done,most days.

So,today,I will get things done,slower than those in the fast lane,but I will get things done.
Thank you for putting up with steady Kernowsmith today.


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