“Patience is a virtue”!

When your waiting ,when your not sure just how long you will be in this state of anticipation,

Things going through your head”how long is it going to be?,when is it our turn”.

I’m not as patient as I woul like to think,but life has dealt a certain hand of cards that have enabled me to accept things,

Waiting in hospitals to see consultants year in tear out,understanding that getting annoyed when they have run hours late just doesn’t help you.

You see,it’s one thing to get impatient in a shop where they a might be short staffed,or the food is late in being sent out,

Why,you just go to anther shop,thereby easing your own tension and endeavouring to resolve your need.

However,when you need that services of a top consultant,chances are that others will too,and they might need them just as much if not more,so you tend to accept the need to wait.

So,you are trying to not allow the waiting to become the central thug,you distract yourself,you take a book,or you take some work,it’s better that way as you don’t get so tense,and you accept that your turn will come soon.

Sometimes being patient can appear to be the passive option ,the line of least resistance,and I suppose that argument has merits too,

However,life is life,and things happen beyond all our control at times,and we need that empathy to accept that,and to understand that people rarely do things out of malice or forethought and that things do,at times,run away from all of us.

In the round then,if we are able to accept that there will be occasions in life when we will have to wait,then life can ,and will ,have been value in the moment,and we will be less inclined to be frustrated that our plans have been scuppered by events beyond anyone’s control.


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