The shape of things!

Patterns exist in all our lives,weaving their magic in the way we think and feel.Why,this morning ,as I woke up ,I opted for that familiar pattern ,that ,”Let’s turn the light on a check the time type pattern,because it’s part of my behaviour”.If all life were haphazard,lacking structure,order ,and symmetry,then we,or should I re-phrase that,I would struggle with it.With information flooding our mind all the time from various on-line portals as it were,I still look for common themes,or patterns by which I can make sense of the world .

As someone who seeks to interstand music ,and by that,I seek to define its meaning,affect,and it’s design on the listener,I experience patterns all the time.Music has In terelationships that satisfy me,it just fits ,so to speak,and I fit with it.Although I have done other things in life,really music is the only thing that I have studied that has taken the whole of me .What I mean by that is this,I can listen to a Beethoven Piano sonata that I would have learnt as a teenager to a standard that I was happy with then,but now,decades later,I am still fascinated by its sheer emotional content,it’s symmetry ,it’s breath of ordered expression that I can’t ever think of any other discipline that does that.

These musical modes,diatonic major and minor that dictate the patterns in the Western classical tradition are so rich in content to me,so alive that they inhabit an enormous part of my life as it were,and I know that they do to others.For example,recently I heard a performance on You Tube of the Beethoven mass Missa Selomnis,and as an introduction to the performance ,I was struck by the then Sir Colin Davis speaking about the work with such profound respect.He spoke about the sheer majesty of this great mass from Beethoven,how he spent 4 years of his composing life perfecting it.Now I defy anyone who is fair and sensitive not to be moved by hearing the fusion of orchestra and voices in this wonderful piece ..However,and this is my point,this piece of music isn’t all about emotion,it’s about what Beethoven thought about the big,big questions in life,and he uses wonderful Baroque structures,and classical idioms to achieve.So,as has often been said,Beethoven was the father of the Roman tic age,but he was,in oh so many ways,a God of music.

This example of ultimate musical  structure,patterns if you like,fosters my thoughts that they are so important to life,and everything we do.As I write this ,I realise that our society contains a variety of different people,with varying characters,and this pluralism is,to me ,at least,to be applauded.We rub along in the normal scheme of things ,dont we,and we accomodate others and they reciprocate in kind,but we all have patterns in our behaviour that are the affects of our personality of our upbringing and those too,interest me so very much.

It’s respecting each other’s ways of doing things ,because we might set about doing a task in life in a different way,but the result might be similar,and that surely is better than having a persprisptive method for everything.What’s so  important is that we have some order,some pattern in life by which we can hang ourself as it were.

When we don’t have any structure,any patterns that will allow us to achieve anything,that is when the alarm bells should ring in our head,and that is why I’ve written this blog post this morning.

Glancing at the time,I see its 6:45 ,I need to get up,but thank you for indulging me in this muse.



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