Before the thunder!

As the South of England feels the oppression of this humid weather,things are harder to get done.This closeness in the air makes us feel compressed,sticky,and mentally slow.There doesn’t seem to be much release from this atmospheric depression,but we long for it.We long for that release that will be heralded,we hope,by thunder.When it comes,even though we have longed for its affect,it will,at least in my case,take me by surprise.

My clues are my Dogs,who seem to have that sixth sense to when weather conditions are about to change,so I observe them closely.Then,to jolt me out of my introspection as it were,I think of those working at the moment,those in conditions that are oppressive even at the best of times,or those stuck in stuffy offices up and down the country beavering away.So,as I bemoan just how hard it was to complete half an hour of intensive rowing this morning,I start to think that I’ve got it easy compared to many many others,and so I record this blog piece as a record of that.

As a child growing up,the weather played a part of out lives that we accepted,because we were very near to the Atlantic Ocean and very suspectible to its moods as it were.Yes,Summers were ,when it was sunny,breathtaking,but the sheer anger of that ocean and the winds that ensued,meant that folk who retired to Newquay were ten shocked by its sheer bi-polar weather conditions.As a child,I loved the storms,and never honestly felt in any danger from them,which,even as I write this,appears rather foolhardy,but it was how I saw it.In fact,it was a release from the rest of the tough stuff in the other parts of my life.These storms were what they were,you knew where you were.You stayed back from the cliff edges,you were always prepared,you were vigilant.

Sometimes,as we endure this humidity,it reminds me of the oppression that many people endure during their life,and they long for a release to it,but it never seems to comes.This,I feel,is why it’s important not to judge our fellow human beings because we don’t  know what they are living with day to day,we don’t  know the personal battles that they are facing.

There have been times in my teaching life when I have seen such sadness in the eyes of very young children,and it makes me feel sad for them.Many children of what might assumed to be from excellent parents are often pushed to achieve at an academic discipline when they are not fully capable of those levels of excellence.Many young people are just not Oxbridge material.However,those same young people are all precious young humans who  deserve to enjoy their teenage years,and have memories of their childhood to look back on that are happy and healthy,and that to me is the main point.

So,as we await the thunder,of a break in our weather here on the South coast,it’s good to reflect that we all need less oppression in our lives,less stress,less pressure  if we are younger to achieve a goal that might be beyond us.

So,until the thunder comes,let’s enjoy the life that we have,and try to contribute something good to another.


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