Respecting the Privacy of others!

As I sit here in my lounge on this Saturday morning,a thought came into my head,and that is the need we all have for privacy.

When I was a child,I lived with my numerous siblings in a small house and the concept of privacy was almost like an alien life-force to me.You shared a bedroom with others,you had to do everything Quickly,and you had to be extremely tidy.These daily things as a child were just part of life,part of what you came to expect from what happened.You didn’t question it,and you didn’t think that it was anything out of the ordinary.However,I remember being conscious of the need for privacy as I reached the age of say ten or so,and I remember the pull of the outdoors as somewhere that could provide me with opportunities to exist without being hemmed in as it were.

This need for privacy has remained with me,and I guess it something that we all long for in varying degrees.When we have time to recharge our batteries,and reflect on our week,or our day,life can be faced with renewed energy,and can often be less of a stress for us.

Now,some folk don’t appear to need privacy at all,and they thrive when they are around others,and constantly need the stimulus of human contact.While we are all different,and each one to their own,there might be issues if that person doesn’t respect the privacy of others.Its just that when we are constantly being pressure rises to engage in conversation or do things wth there’s,it can become a strain for us,and that need to escape the clutches of an overbearing individual and become intense.Yes,because I like at times to be solitary,I tend to respect the need of others to be solitary too.Yes,I like human contact a lot,but not at the expense of their privacy.

Maybe,I have guarded my privacy so much as an adult because I know what it’s like to struggle to get any in my younger days.Whatever the reason,I give allowing someone room for their thoughts,their feelings to grow,and just to let them be themselves ,is one of the most important of human rights to me.

Thank you for your kind attention.



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