Sing for your supper!

As the sun has risen on another day,the birds in my garden are singing in a round today.I am conscious of their anthems,and I appreciate their life.

Singing has always been a part of my life from a small child,and I feel that it is the greatest of all musical instruments.Yes,it’s difficult to train,and ,at times,the most frustrating to master,but maybe all things that are truly benificial in life to achieve will take time to master,and will exact a toll on the person who tries to master it.

Now,the birds who are now singing outside of my bedroom window don’t appear to have any problems in raising their anthems to the sky,as it seems to come naturally to them.However,we have an all together different challenge with our own insecurities being the foremost in this regard.

Going back to the Genisis of our choral beginnings as it were,singing in a choir as a child was always a great thing to do,and there are still many great school choirs out there.Yes,even there,the embarrassment that goes with raising our voices in song can have a negative affect on our participation,but also ,at the same time,being with our cohort,it can have a positive one on us.

As the sheer joy of emotional release ,singing has few equals.When we hear a song on the radio,or through our sound system,we are all spurred on to sing along surely,and this involvement in the emotional c tent of the music is so important as it acts as a release for us.

Why,the sheers benefits of singing when we have an illness too has been well documented in scientific literature too as an aid to mental wellbeing and can act as a sustaining arm in times of prolonged illness too where someone is in hospital for prolonged periods of time.

As intelligent beings,as are prone to seeking reasons for activity,so we seek motivation to sing,reasons to raise our voices as it were.However,when even one person is willing to put themselves out there in an organisation or group or whatever agency,then there is usually a will to develop and water that singing seed.When a watering takes place in the form of rehearsal,then the results are often truly amazing.

At times,I have been known to composing a song about my day as it were,and that vocalisation helps me release some of the tension of my day,so that pent up emotion finds a release through music.Yes,some of the results vary greatly,but the process and connection help me a great deal.

So,even if you sing in the shower today,even if you hum,even if you sing tap a beat on the table,give it a go,give it a go,you will be surprised at its affect.

Thank you,



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