It crossed my mind!

Such a fleeting thought crossed my mind this now,

Just a glimpse really,but a thought nonetheless.

If I ever thought that the wind had a personality,

Then today,it has been in a bad mood indeed.

As if to say,”I’m angry,I’m talking to you,beware”!

Now,you say,”the wind can’t talk,it just can’t,

However,from where I’ve been,it’s been talking aright.

So,what to do when the wind is howling,when it blows you in July,

I’m just pleased that it isn’t in the deep of Winter,and that it is a force 9 gale.

So,I’ve tried appeasing it,but to no avail,I’ve tried calm it down,but no,it just doesn’t want to know!!

Well,that is the right it has to blow,to rage,and it won’t quit until it wants to.


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