“In the background”!

Sometimes,for reasons that I’m not entirely sure of,I have had a habit of allowing background noise to affect me too much.What I mean is this,when I want to concentrate fully on the matter at hand, background noise distracts me to the point where if that  noise is music,it quickly becomes the thing in the forefront of my mind.

Now,let’s be frank,that must be quite annoying to another person who thought that  you were giving them your full attention.As I write this now,I’m conscious of the noise that I can hear from anther part of the house.When I was a young boy,it was put down to daydreaming by many of my teachers at that time,and,to be fair to them,it probably was.Wether at that time,I was aware of it or not,it certainly affected my performance at school,and in particular in my maths lessons.You see,on a Thursday morning,our primary school class would tune into a tv programme about maths.My memory of it ,or any detail of its teaching points has long since gone,and maths remained an elusive subject to me for most of my life,and only in the last few years have I concentrated on it to the point where I went back to an adult learning class and took my level 1,and then level 2, adult numeracy.Now,that background information,although not flattering to me personally,fills in some detail that is salient to my next point.That  tv programme had one selling point to me,and that has affected me profoundly as an artist ever since.It was the theme music,it was ,as I was later to find out ,was
a piece by Bach .My recollection of those programmes were that I sat there and replayed that theme constantly in my mind ,it,to me,was just so good.Although my shyness as a child prevented me from asking my teacher what the music was,and,let’s be honest,it would not have been greeted with much acclaim if the only question I had about the programme was its theme music.

So,to me,something that was incidental,often became the most important,because music to me is that important.Now,as the windows are opened ,and as builders are working at the end of my garden,I can hear “The man with the child in his eyes”,by Kate Bush.Now,although I can only just hear it,I will be taken along with that excellent song,that wonderful singer.So,as I reflect on what might be ,or start in the background,it quickly becomes in the forefront to me.Now as the music from the builders radio changes,I’m taken along with Marshall Hain,”Dancing in the city”,and the memory of them playing when they were just starting out decades ago in a folk club in Wadebridge,in Cornwall.

So,to me,music doesn’t ever sit in the background,although,of course,it has a place in most people’s lives ,and can lift he spirits of many a depressive soul.

As I conclude this post for today,I hope that things that are in your background might,at times,stimulate you to give it some attention.In my case,it led me to study the music of J.S.Bach from the age of 12 to today,and I have been enriched oh so much in my studies.

Thank you for your attentions.



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