My Kitchen Metronome!

When sleep evades me,I escape into the Kitchen,

My Kitchen clock ticks its metronomic pulse and bizarrely soothes me.

It has no agenda,it isn’t in my way,it doesn’t cast a spell,it just ticks,

If I were to give its 60 beats per minute and Italian tempo marking I would say Andante.

But,it doesn’t need defining,it just is,it’s always there,like the purring of the freezer,

These background sounds in the still if the night are magnified,and have a greater meaning.

Like the sound of the sea at night ,it invades our hearing,making it impossible not to sit up and take note,

Sometimes,the human voices that I have heard through the day come back to me,their textures and timbres.

Though they all speak to me ,the words have greater weight when the quality of the voice is soaked up as it were,

So much so,that I just have a desire to listen to certain people talk and I will often replay them in my head.

One sch voice was Sir Richard Burton,whom I loved to listen to,and his voice illuminated Shakespeare to me so much,

Also Olivier had a richness of tone and colour that transported me to another world.

When sleep evades me now,I try not to toss and turn,preferring to record something on my blog,

This preference is in place of the accrued frustration that emanates from the motion of not being able to sleep.

In this space,this time,I am safe,I am fed,clothed,and my mind is active,so I am in a good place,

If sleep doesn’t come now,then it will come later,and then another day of precious life will begin.

I’ve learnt through bigger experience not to fret about something that I can’t change,but rather to do my best,

What I mean is,I try to be a good human,for in that I might make a difference to others .

As life ticks for them,just as it does for me,I can ease their pathway by doing what I can to help my fellow man as and when I can.

So,humanity doesn’t evade me,hopefully compassion hasn’t,modesty hasn’t,and my dearest wish ,humility like its root meaning of the humus of the soil,hasn’t either.

So,you see,the important things haven’t evaded me,and I will get to sleep soon.


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