“Oh,I do like to be beside the seaside”!

Yesterday,I went to a shop to buy an ice-cream on Bournemouth beach.It was late afternoon,and I hadn’t had any lunch,so it was a welcome snack to me at least.Ice-cream has always been a magnet to me,dating back to when I secured my first seasonal job in am ice-cream parlour in Newquay,Cornwall.

These little Kiosks that pepper the seafront from Southbourne to Boscombe were awash with activity yesterday.As most of the children were off for their summer holiday,it was lovely to see them with their families enjoying the sea tighter.It is such a simple thing a seaside holiday,but ,at the same time,it’s still seems to me idyllic.

Memories of my time came flooding back of working in the ice -cream parlour,clearing tables ,loading the dish washer and sundry activities.Somehow,I had forgotten the long hours which,for a teenager,were very draining at the time.So,I walked along the seafront there being refreshed by soft ice-cream,and I remembered that fundamentally,nothing has changed that much with seaside holidays now,as they had been then.

Just seeing whole families in the sea laughing and smiling made me think that the very simple things that children can engage in can really fuel their imagination.Yes,there were the solitary children playing on their own,with their parents keeping a discreet eye on them.Howver,those children still seemed happy,in their world of safe sand construction,their plans to build a new dwelling,a castle with a moat,a tower with helicopter pad on the top.

Maybe I would wax lyrically about a day at the seaside,but there are oh so many wonderful things for children to do,and the sea air is good for them.So,that time that I spent yesterday ,in just that time capsule,sort of transported me back to that time in Newquay in the early 1970s.Now,of course,Newquay has,at time,got a bad press for the rather I seedy side of stag parties and the like.This reputation isn’t without foundation,and it is sad when local organisations seem to be in denial.

If I could just say this about the affects of a proactive council in the work of marketing seaside towns to attract families,I feel that Bournemouth and Poole have,on the whole,done a good job in this.At the risk of repeating myself,the proof of the pudding is in the eating,and walking the 3 or 4 miles yesterday along the beach there I couldn’t see much wrong with what the council were trying to do.Yes,it’s easy to criticise,but that was a good experience for any family.

So,that was my muse from yesterday,that sheer tiredness stopped me from recording,but I hope that I have excited your senses,and I hope that your able to visit the sea-side at least in one day during the summer.
Thank you for your attention.


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