Looking to the good in us all!

Sometimes,just sometimes,we have to look at what we have got in life that makes us happy,we have to take stock of what it is that really makes us tick.You see,we all have to work,to do something to ,as my uncle would say,”Earn a crust”,and he had to earn his mo eye in the hardest of ways,but he did it.

Sometimes,I might moan to myself about teaching but it’s only really for a short space of time,because really,I have the best job in the world.Having the chance to pass on information,to impart knowledge,to guide,and inspire people is a real privilege,and I am doing my best to guard it.What I mean is this,when we only think of the financial enumerations from teaching,then we are missing the point of why we entered a vocational profession.It is imperative to view it as the absolute service to the public,one where the public entrust you with most precious possessions,and that is ,their children.

As I contemplate this ,just before the Summer holidays take hold,and Summer pursuits detract me from these thoughts,I can get quite emotional.Yesterday,I walked along the Purbecks for maybe 5 of 6 miles with my dogs.Yes,I need to exercise more now as I am awaiting an operation and I need to lose weight.However,I thought about my ancestors,on that walk.You were,they were miners and clay workers in Cornwall,and they would have to walk that same distances all before they started work,then they would have to work a gruelling 10 hour sift of manual work.When you think about it,in the 19th century,that was the lot of man then.Now,we can,if we are from a working class background aspire to do something else,and what better thing than teaching.

So,giving my perspective on life,and I guess many ,many others would have a similar one,it’s important not to get bitter about what we do,and to be grateful that we have something that can give genuine encouragement to another person,and teaching can do just that,it can really help us and them to grow as young people and later as adults.

I’ve had my down times over the years,and there have been times when it’s been tough to keep going,but I’ve received help,guidance and support from there,and that has kept me going.So,I try to do that for there that I meet,because we all need support and encouragement in whatever we do.

So,in my opinion,teaching is the best job in the world and one where the rewards are indeed great.When we do that,we grow as people,and learn that giving may not have to be of our money,but if our time and energy.


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