Blue Skies up above!

As I awoke this morning,not with the larks as usual,I noticed the rich blue sky outside my window,it was a colour that added a lustre to my mood today.Colour tends  to do that for me,and as well as sounds,I hook unto them to inspire me and also to give me energy for the day ahead.In other words,there are times when the environment is so inviting ,so appealing ,that you just want to taste it as it were,soaking up its atmosphere.

The sky today is such a wonderful frame by which I can exist in that I don’t have need to look inward on myself.This feeling is worth trying to capture in words,because it may not last .Sensations that we get that truly energise us and envigorate us enable us to forge ahead in a positive way,making life that much better.Yes,we all have negative stuff to cope with,and,at times,these negatives could overwhelm us.However,we have to seize  the moment when something delights us,and this is the purpose of my blog this morning,the conglomeration of just a pure blue sky and the birds singing in the garden are enough for me to reflect that I have so much in my life to use as a backdrop selfie frame as it were for my day.

So,emotionally,I can frame my day by tapping in to this wonderful metaphysical scene that I see ,the blue sky up above and the presence of the moon.Magical.

Hoping that you too can have a good day,and Thankyou for your attention to my muse.


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