That special light!

Looking out of my bedroom window here in Dorset,it looks as if it’s going to be another stunning day.This rich blue sky lifts me up,and is already generating good feelings about the day ahead.Wether it’s in my mind,I know not what,but when it’s sunny ,I always feel good about the day ahead.Yes,non of us can do anything about the wether,but we can appreciate it when it’s good,it seems a positive default to me.

There isn’t much that I can say of a technical nature about how I feel the weather can affect my mood ,or why it does,but I know that my own resources have a helping hand when I can see and feel bright light and know that the sun’s rays are reaching me on the Earth.

In talking about Light and the Sun today,I want to elaborate on a special light that artists talk about who gravitated to St Ives in Cornwall.St Ives is now home to Satelitte gallery of Tate modern in Britain,and has been the home of a thriving group of artists for decades.In this famous Cornish town,they congregated because there is a special light in the bay and in the immediate vicinity.There,at St Ives,Barbera Hepworth,probably one of the most famous sculptors that this country has ever produced ,made her home.Her work is very much of the Earth,they are Tactile pieces that draw you to a side of her,but also,at the same time,to a side of yourself that you maybe didn’t realise wasn’t there.That,to me,is what true art is,as it speaks to us and it speaks to others too.

On a visit to the gallery down there,it struck me that the people who were there also touch my the nature of her work,and by her personality.Sometimes,and I find this to be true of the work of Georgia O Keefe,there has been too much said about the foibles of female artists,when all artists have foibles,as all people have.To me,artists give us in our communities something that we don’t get from commerce,industry,or Politics,they give us a perspective,a collage of the other imagination.

So,yes,light ,we all need it,some of us thrive with it,others create with it ,but I feel that we all do better with it.

So,my thoughts are with those artists in St Ives,who gave us that special school of artists,who could see that special light and Create with it.
      Thank you.


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