After the Rain!

After the Rain,after the downpour,after the heavens have been drained of their dew,

These streams running down the road,these water drops spill their lubricant food.

From where I am,rain has been a constant,dressing the Earth’s green carpet to inject it with Emeralds,

My eyes have lit up ,my Ears have inclined to the sounds of these dancing raindrops,

I played “The Raindrop Prelude “just now,I let its dew percolate to the depths of my soul.

When music and dew tears mesh together they form a life giving emotional cocktail,

As I played and heard the raindrop upon the slates,so to,my tears secreted from my tear ducks.

Though tears can sometimes signal loss,pain and suffering,these were tears of joy and hope,

That there is much good in our Earth,and if we keep hoping then the good in all of us will prevail.

So after the rain,after the downpour came serenity,bliss,contentment,a renaissance.


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