From the sound of the Village….!

As the cars appear to race past my front door,as if escaping from some post -apocalyptic carnage,I wonder if my ears are playing tricks on me.Its like as if they are alerting me to something ,but I don’t know what.You see,where I have lived since 1988 has seen a proliferation in traffic from a steady trickle of commuters in a reasonable sized village,to wat feels like a dormitory town now.

Now,this is flattering to this Dorset idyll,as it shows me that this is a great place to live,but my ears ,and the perception of my brain tell me that this time of the morning is quite frantic.As I have always been acutely sensitive to sound,I put it down to me,and I remember finding London a total culture shock in the 1970s.You see,I had been used to Cornish life with its extremely slow pace,and its peculiar obsessions with other people’s lives.So,moving to an environment where people are always busy waking their way isn’t always an easy thing.

So,in the time that I have been writing,the stream of traffic has subsided,the sound has diminished,the tranquil nature of this place has returned to its pre 7 o’clock status,and the world is ,at least for me,peaceful.

My mind moves on to those who have past my door,just what sort of people are they?Do they have similar stresses and strains ,desires,needs and ambitions,Well,there could well be similarities,as is the case with all humans,however,there will be things that mark them out as different,and their minds might well be thinking of different things.

I would like to think that they like our town here in Dorset because it has wonderful forests that almost encircle it,making it a wonderful place to walk,to cycle,to bring children up.Yes,that’s what I think,and I also think that people do care for their environment,that they love their children and that they care for their neighbour.That,to me at least,is a wonderful thing,and something worth being proud of.

So,all you commuters,I’m a tad sensitive about traffic noise,and I’m a bit weird about sound that isn’t organised ,or doesn’t have a pulse,but I like having you all as part of our community here in Dorset.So come home safe tonight,what you,have a good day at work,the weekend is coming,and there is much to do and see around here.


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