“With a little love and affection ….”!

“I’d be very uncomfortable if all my songs were about me.I always say you must be a very big-headed person to write everything that you write about yourself.”

Naturally shy,but open to persuasion-The reticence that led some unsympathetic journalists to use the nickname Joan Armourplating might well have prevented her talent from reaching a wider audience,but she was blessed not only wth that mellifluous,honest voice,but also a string of talented producers ( Glyn Johns,Steve Lillywhite) and session men  (Clarence Clemons,Georgie Fame and Sly and Robbie) who helped spread the word.

Self -taught on piano and acoustic guitar,her two early albums-including a duo recording wth Pam Nestor,which was marketed under Armatrading’s -failed to spark,until Johns’ touch on the 1976 album Joan Armatradng delivered her career start -up and stand -out track ‘Love and Affection’.Tougher on ‘Me Myself I’,rockier on ‘Walking under ladders’.

Joan’s lyrics always hit home with plenty of melancholy,but little self-pity.Usually disappearing back to songwriting after each album release,her career ,to many,has plateaued,but in my lining,she has remained delightfully constant .

She remains a true songwriter in the best tradition of the title.Sje is a giant in music.


Joan Armatrading’s 1976,

Show someEmotion 1977,

Me Myself I 1980.


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