Because I’m quite nosey to be honest,or more so than I might have realised,recently,I have noticed visitors to the business opposite to where I live.The people there run a florist and landscape enterprise.They are really pleasant people and they have been known to take in parcels for us when I haven’t been in the house because of my teaching.

One day,while I had just finished some early morning exercise,I glanced across the way and noticed a woman coming out with what was a beautiful arrangement of flowers.Her face was concentrated -as if she had a precious cargo-but she looked pleased,very pleased.As the morning progressed,and I got on with my stuff and endeavoured to make sense of a Beethoven sonata that had some difficult phrases,my mind went back to the image of the lady with her floral arrangement.As I thought some more about her and those flowers,I realised just what affect flowers can have on us all.As is my want when I’m in thought,my mind returned to earlier events in my life,and this was no exception.You see,as a teenager,I would spend so much time rehearsing music at the church where I was the organist.Often times,this would be after school,and I would be there on my own.Although  I didn’t mind that,it would be far better to practise when the verger was there,or when the flowers were being arranged for the Eucharist.Those times I remember well,and I remember the flower ladies in the church with affection,and that thought came to my mind when I looked across to the lady coming out of the house opposite with her precious cargo.

You see,flowers are like people,when they are arranged well,given space,given food in the form of water,then they flourish,they just are beautiful.So ,just like flowers,we humans need to be dignified ,treated well and not pushed about ,not assaulted.The ladies at the church carefully prepared the flowers that would be placed at the Altar and it was their gift so to speak,but their real gift was that after they had finished,they would listen to me stumble over a Bach prelude and Fugue and pronounce just how good it was,and how well I could play.

So,I would see those wonderful colours in those flowers,and smell the scents,and my playing would then be oh so much better to me.

So,we are all flowers really,we are all delicate,fragile,and we all need attention,but loving attention .
Thank you for allowing me to indulge in my memory for today.


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