The joy in doing our best!

This thing called exercise isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be IMHO.Now,I don’t often begin my blog posts on such a negative net,but it’s how I am in this moment.Its probably not the exercise per se,but it’s the relentless grind of it that I struggle.

Once,a friend told me that I should vary it for it to have the maximum benifit,and I have to say that when I do that,I find that it works.So ,having thought about it ,and the original moment that encompassed the opening sentence has now receded into history.Now,in this moment,I am beginning to recover from my exercise for today,and I’m thinking of what I could do tomorrow.So,I’ve decided to run in the forest rather than walking on Tarmac.Now,why I persist in walking so much I don’t know,and it’s something that I grapple with.

If exercise is ever going to be my companion,I know that I want to be more physically active,and I am ,in my own way,quite determined to achieve this.If I were younger ,than I would take up running far more seriously,but for me,just being able to .keep going each day does satisfy my own personal goals as such.

Sometimes,I check out groups on line who run each day,and they post times for the 5k that are way out of my league.However,my appreciation for being able to be healthy enough to feel that I can exercise each day is indeed a real joy to me.

It’s true that if we knew where each person had travelled in their life,then we would appreciate them so much more.So,my purpose in becoming more active is personal and for the good of my health.This ,to me,is the real motivation.



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