Autumn leaves are falling!

As the Autumn resides in my consciousness,with leaves falling in their withered and decaying state,I tried my best to soak up this commencement of a new season.With the dregs of Summer truly behind  us,I smelt probably the last smell of mown grass,the chorophyl stains on my shoes,the resin of tree bark,these indicators of nature changing gear.

It will be my 58 th Autumn ,it will enter the atmosphere,inhabit it,do its job,and leave a barren wasteland for the ravished land of Winter.You have to accept the passing of the seasons,as you have no control of them other than the observation.To me,the seasons affect me emotionally,they tend to call me to work Daily enough,if you can call practice work.As this time of the year heralds darker evenings,they were,to me  as a child,times when I would spend evening at the church often cold and sometimes slightly afraid of the hole sounds coming from the nave,but still I would turn up,do the work learn the stuff.So these darker evenings were a stimulus to me to get busy.Nowadays,life is lived at a slower cadence,it’s dynamic churns around like a little child’s roundabout.My feelings are similar,and I get to think about the importance of the warm milky drink ,a blanket,and a book.These are basic things are all my imagination needs to fill in the other gaps where our dreams inhabit.

Today,while in the garden,I could feel the damp air ,that otherness in the atmosphere,and it made me dwell on the moment.It truly made me listen,yes listen,because the sounds in the garden were different.You know,that crunchy leaves sound,the chill sound of the lone bird singing to alert the onset of evening.Sometimes,I wish the Autumn colours could stay in my mind as they are ,to me at least truly beautiful.When I came in from the garden,I listened to The Lark Ascending by Vaughan Williams, as this has always communicated a profound message to me,it truly is  a comfort blanket to me.

I know of people who are equally as sensitive to the passing of the seasons.To me,it became my blog post today because my surroundings are becoming more important to me,and my awareness of nature more acute.To say that I have any insight into biology would be inaccurate,but my appreciation is profound.Our Earth,that Jewell in the crown of the universe,is surely worth looking after,and I’m amazed at a time like this in Autumn that although trees are shedding their leaves ,it is still such a beautiful time to observe our surroundings.

Yes,to mow is another day,but I might not observe Autumn in quite the same way then,so I have followed my instinct and wrote about it.
Thank you for indulging my muse.


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