Autumn evenings!

These crisp Autumn evenings,when the light seems dim for hours ,

Those crisp leaves,dead from the trees,falling to terrafirma,the death enriching the new soil.

Birds singing in naked states,preparing for their winter’s journey,beaks trimmed,wings absailling to new pastures,

Panic not humans,for your concerns above us food ,clothing ,shelter and stuff hold no sway with these feathered friends.

Love them for their jest to fly,to nest build,to migrate,just love them,and imatate their jest in your own life.

When the days are filled ,when the light fails,there is still life,there is still experiences to live,there are still moments.

So,take advantage of all the good in your life,and concentrate on the good so that when the bad comes,you’ve got something to hold unto.
Thank you .


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