“Every Child Matters”!

His life ,his values represented a life of small ,individual exchanges with people.He observed ,cogitated,ruminated on the big questions as a younger man.Was there a great omnipotent?Were the Greeks really the seat of all knowledge,why did the aRoman empire fall?Will mankinds greatest enemies in the way of diseases ever be eradicated?

Although I have spent so much of my life reflecting on these big themes,I find that I come back to the central question that deserves my attention;What does it mean to be a human?

So,this stuff that makes us what we are,can we really live without our humanities traditions in education in our country?Well,many in the field of formative education would have us think so,many would place popular culture higher up the educational food chain than the pursuit of the arts in general let alone the expressive arts.In these days of academies ,whose “on message marketing” often leave parents confused as they play with stats to foster an absolute competitive modus on the students in their care.With the emphasis on exam success,and with the post code lottery,many children don’t get the chances that they should get,and that saddens me.

So,you see,I deal with the individual child,the one,because the one is the point.Each class starts with the one,then two,then three,etc,etc,but we have to remember each child.In fact,education is “every child matters” and it should drive everything’s no that we do.So,you see,these little themes,to me,they count.

Each child has a potential ,from those children who we always need support,to those who will perform to the highest levels,they all need our support.As this is my mantra,and the main part of my life,I dearly hope that younger teacher never forget our teaching vocation.

This profession isn’t for the faint hearted,it isn’t for those who desire great riches,it isn’t a busy ness where the bottom line is profit.These are human beings now,and they are formative,not fully mature,and they need our help and support always.

It is my dearest wish that we will continue to attract these young people into Medicine,Education,social wrk and the like,andnthat they will want to make human society a better place for everyone.

So,yes,Every child matters,now,more so than at anytime.


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