My Tomorrow!

So,tomorrow I get a new piece of plumbing in my bowel that I hope will give me a whole new lease of life.When I come to think of it,I have filled my boots with food stuffs that aren’t exactly the stuff of Michelin star restaurants.Dont get me wrong,I’ve enjoyed  my food these past 58 years,it’s just that my gut hasn’t,and has now alerted me to a potential general strike if I did not address this issue.

So that is what will happen tomorrow at just after 7 in the morning as I arrive at the hospital for my operation.So,I tell myself that its routine me,that they have done this same operation countless times before.With this knowledge,I arm myself with a positive attitude and the hope he of a life without pain and discomfort.

As I sit here to write my blog post for this evening,I know that this might be the start of something so much better for me.With about six days in the hospital,I hope to draw on my reserves  of emotional strength and show myself a resolve to get better.As the recovery time might well affect me ,I am determined to use the time in positive pursuits,and in utilising my experiences in life to move forward in life.

At times,I have been in great pain over the last ten years,and this has affected me ,but now,I have the hope of a better outlook,and this encourages me and builds me up.

In relationship to my blog posts,it might be the case that I won’t be posting for a few days,but I will be back with my own tale on my life,my music,my experiences,my likes and muses.

Thank you.


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