The fusion of intimacy through music!

It started with Caesar Frank and ended with Mozart.In the period of about 2 hours this morning,I listened in the background to some beautiful violin and Piano music.These two instruments,although different,when fused together create a sound festival that is truly inspirational.

Two people,playing in wonderful harmony just lifted my life experience this morning,and took me out of myself into a better place where an abiding memory will be formed.These textures,these strokes of the bow,those delicate but with a tensile strength of finger strokes transformed me into an altogether better place where I can feed off of the moment and reside in peace and safety.

As we sometimes become obsessed with consuming things for the sake of them,I just wanted to reflect on a brief time window that meant so much to me,that communion of souls in music and humanity.As we never fully known what is in store for us in life,we should never ever take for granted just what we do have,and all the goodness that we can enjoy.Even if life isn’t always a bowl of cherries as it were,there are wonderful moments that,if we grasp them,we can celibrate their intrinsic essence and beauty and those small time capsules can fuel us when we go through times of emotional famine.So I’ve paused in my blog today to reflect on this ,in time amounts ,was a small amount of time,however,in reality it made my day and gave me impetus for the more mundane parts of it.

Music,its phrasing,its lines,its shapes,its intentions,its praises,mirrors life to me in oh so many ways,and I wanted to remark upon this in my blog post .

This morning,I felt very depressed because of the US presidential results,but with the help of my own mind,the wisdom of others and their insight,and music,my soul was fondled as it were.To have an appreciation ,and an intimate connection with your fellow man through music is a sublime gift,and I wanted to remark upon it this afternoon.
Thank you for your attention.


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