“Every Pupil matters,and every type of music is important to learn about”!

Today,I taught my first Piano pupils for over a month.Those eleven odd words don’t appear to be that profound,but when I tell you that for me they represent such a big part of my life,you will begin to build a picture in your mind of makes me tick.While it’s true that us teachers do tend to like the sound of our own voices,we also like to listen,and in my case,I like to listen to the music that my pupils produce.It is a rare thing to be invited into someone’s confidence enough for them to bare their emotions through music,and to have someone offer a critique to their playing .This is what my two pupils bestowed on me this morning.As their preparations would have meant hours and hours of study,it would become apparent that the road to pianists to proficiency isn’t an easy one.But their industry and determination was such a joy for me to witness this morning.So much so,that this is the subject of my blog post today.

Beethoven and Chopin,the two protagonists in this musical feast,offered up challenges that might be daunting to any of us.Why these composers are at the Zenith in compositions for the Piano,and I know that.Personally,I am a great advocate in encouragement ng my pupils to access the masters,as I feel they should be allowed to experience these great works.Of course,my motivation isn’t just the masters,it is to enfuse my pupils in the pursuit of music in the widest possible spectrum and this has always been my passion since 1979 when I first started out teaching.Although I understand that there are those in the profession who chose to repudiate music that isn’t of the classical tradition,it has never been my calling to perpetuate the classical tradition at the expense of other musical expressions.In fact,I feel that it is just plain wrong.

Yes,a classical training can,and has,allowed people to branch out into other musical genres,alliance wing them to inspire so many people with their songs and albums that have been listened too my millions around the world.

Yes,I would absolutely over it if millions of people could have access to Beethoven and Chopin in concert halls around Europe,but I know that that is,and has been a pipe dream throughout my life.So,I take the view that we have to educate people into all musical genres and encourage to develop,but never insist that they listen to one type of music.

As I reflect on my morning,I am privileged to do what I do.Why yes,maybe my childhood was extremely disciplined,but I don’t regret that,in fact,I’m am so very grateful for all the encouragement that was given me as a child to further my love for music.As I have matured,my musical taste has widened,and I try not ever to be a musical snob because I truly believe that people should never feel inadequate,and they should be inspired by our example as professionals ,and not t bad to feel stupid because they don’t know what a sonata is,or a symphony ,or a concerto.No,music has to be,and surely must be,available to all.
I’m tired now,and I’m going to have a rest.Yes,I’m a bit of a light weight,but that’s me now at one o’ clock.
Thank you so very much for reading my muses.


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