The Value of Patience!

Today,or to be exact,this afternoon,my pupil asked me to play her the Beethoven Piano Sonata that she was learning.After I had finished,she looked me in the ear,and “You know,you make it sound and look so easy,and I struggle so much with parts of it”.My heart went out to her,I felt that she was opening up to me.Sometimes,we humans expose ourselves emotionally to others,and it’s oh so important to be thoughtful and sensitive to them.It doesn’t have to be about music,it can be about any number of things that we are fighting against in our life.

Personally,I like to confide in someone who genuinely endeavours to dignify me,even though I can be annoying too oftentimes.You see,what I do is based on music yes,but quite often you find yourself almost acting as a life coach ,and you have to show empathy to your students.Quite often,they are battling not just the technical aspects of music,but their emotional response to it.

Trying our best to be patient with people as they battle with the thorny aspects of things is and art of the heart.Just because I found the process of learning quite easy,that doesn’t mean to say that it is.In fact,the process of reading took me until I was 12 to fully grasp,but I was saved by my abilities in music,and I have had to catch up with my knowledge of words,and am still learning.

My wish in writing this post tonight is to highlight that we as humans all our our strengths and weaknesses,it’s understanding with patience and love how we commune with others ,that is the important thing.To me,I am ,as I have often said,a very lucky man to teach music ,but I never expect something from my dear pupils that they can’t give ,and I’m patient with them ,but I trust them,and believe in them,and their intrinsic humanity.

Thank you.



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