Alfie’s best day yet along the Atlantic way!

As Alfie woke up to the sounds of excited children,it sort of dawned on him that this period during which he intended to complete his childhood Pilgrimage walk coincided with the DOE prep weekend for the Dartmoor ten tors.Although he hadn’t intended to wake up at 7,it was,nonetheless,fortuitous for him to break the cycle of late mornings and maybe please the guest house owner by turning up in good time for breakfast.

So,having showered and shaved,he was in the small dining room by 7:45 to enjoy his first morning cup of tea with the larks that were the rest of the guests.This guest house,although not ancient,had seen better days,and looked quite tired Truth be told.However,the food was more than adequate,and it sustained Alfie for his day ,so this was all he could hope to ask for.After secreting some bacon rinds in the direction of Tricksy,he settled his bill and said his goodbyes heading off towards St Mirren.

He found this part of the walk refreshing,with his mind in a really good place.As he walked ,he found himself whistling tunes that were peculiar to his childhood,and music that had a particular appeal to his Cornish background.He knew that he was in a good place today because although the weather wasn’t the best,he seemed to beable to cope with this negative,and instead,he concentrated on good things that the landscape threw up to him.This underlating coast line and terrain up to Padstow was,to him,some of the most beautiful of scenery.He soaked up the u inquest charm of it,the rocky coastline,the small,basin like inlets that sheltered one from the elements were still working their magic well over forty years since he last surveyed the area properly.

It struck him that he was sort of having a conversation with his friends as he walked,as if to tell them about his love for the place,in order for them to just taste some of that love that he had.Rather like a person talking about their favourite hobby,well Cornwall was still,in many ways,his passion,and so many Cornish just like him who have moved away,still find themselves drawn to its rugged coastline and scenery.It was this that infused him to have this one way conversation with himself as it were.However,as he talked,he visualised the people that he wanted to tell his visit about to,and he just knew that they would want to know.Many of these people had helped him through some dark times,and he knew that he would always love them.They had seen potential in him,they had knowledge of what he had suffered,and they were always there when he had needed them.

This conversation seemed natural to Alfie,and he engaged in it as he made good progress towards St Mirren.It hadn’t escaped his notice that as yet,on the two previous nights,he hadn’t pitched his tent,preferring the shelter of an inn of convenience.So this evening ,he was determined to break that cycle and pitch his tent at the St Mirren campsite.He was somewhat taken aback with the cost of a naught there,but the washroom no facilities were excellent,and they had take away food,so he sort of rationalised that it would be fine.

Erecting his tent,however,wasn’t fine,and he found himself in quite a two and six.His ready wit and modesty allowed to to confess to the DOE students that it had been a longtime since he had pitched a tent and if they could signpost him into erecting it,then he would be extremely grateful.As luck would have it,the students were great young people and ,of course,Tricksy had wooed them to such a degree that they were putty in her paws.

So,with tent duly erected,he ventured to shower and get a bite to eat.He had had a really good day,in fact ,the best day he had had in a while.

He knew that as he settled down to sleep tonight,that somehow he was beginning to have a sort of emotional renaissance,and it was like all the good bits of his life were being fed through a tube that only accepted happy memories.While he knew it might not last,he was going to make the most of it now.

As he wrote about his day in his diary,this point became the salient entry,that of grasping the good memories when they come along,recording them,live no off of them when the bad stuff comes along.Alfie felt that this was a powerful lesson to go with.He wasn’t going to feed off negativity,but rather he was going to make the most of every good event in his life.

So,tomorrow,he would endeavour to get part of the way to the gateway of the river Camel,Padstow.


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