My Big themes day!

As it’s the time to reflect on my day,I recognise that much of it has been with my son and daughter in law.As they live an hour away from me,it means a two hour round trip to their home in North Hampshire.As this is their first home,it delights me to see them making plans to improve the interior,to tidy up the garden,and to generally put their stamp upon the property.

In many ways,this large ex-local authority property reminds me of where I was brought up in Cornwall as a child.Each if the rooms appears to be substantial and spacious and it is what estate say “A property with lots of potential”!So,each visit there reveals more improvements as a when they are able to afford to do these things from their monthly budget.As they are both in their 30s,their conversation is vibrant and intellectually vigorous.As I am apt to struggle with that level of academic rigour,I like to try to help with lifting no things ,move no stuff about,going to the tip and such like.However,as I’m still getting over my operation,I had to refrain from such activity,and this meant that I had to really concentrate on what was being said.

My son has been involved in medical research for ten years now,and although he has had a battle with congenital heart disease,this hasn’t stopped him from making advances in his particular field.Yes,at times,it has involved huge sacrifices on his part and adjustments that many of us would really be polaxed by,but he has stoically accepted these and kept going despite profound difficulties.This resolve and fortitude makes me extremely proud of him,and I consider everything that has been done for him to have been quite minor when you think of what he has contributed to society as a whole.

So,as I sat there this afternoon,it helped me to think that ,as a father,I had done a good job in encouraging him ,inspiring him,and accepting him and his humanity,Both of my sons have achieved things in their own fields that have truly dwarfed anything that I might have done in over 35 years of teaching.However,I sincerely feel that I have tried to pass on to them both a sense of whatever they do in life that it should have a motive or goal that is beyond the acquisition of just stuff.To elaborate,I encouraged them to develop a social conscience ,to view themselves and their talents as things that might help,and inspire others who were less fortunate than them.Both my boys were aware of my feral upbringing,and although I was proud of my roots,I was ,nonetheless,even prouder of those who helped me to contribute to society and I wanted my boys to do what they could to help others.Yes,along the way,I made mistakes,and usually,my sons knew that.However,they knew that I loved them very much.Also,I always felt that it was important to them to find out things themselves,and I encouraged them to be intellectually nosey as it were.This questioning of others was,at times,very challenging,but as they got older,they developed their personalities to adapt to the changing world that we now live in.

As I sat and listened to my family this afternoon,yes,the technical details were lost to me,but the passion for what they do I liked to think that I had a hand in that.To me,if someone doesn’t have a passion for what they are doing,then that will be noticed almost immediately,and their going through the motions will render them less able to adapt to this changing world that we all live in.

So,usually,I have always busied myself when I have visited my son to help him with the practical jobs that he can’t do,but today ,I listened and was truly grateful that I had.
Thank you for your attention to my blog.


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