My Day!

As this day nears its end,I look back on it with mixed feelings.Its been a long day in many ways,with different things happening to me.Although non of these things were really negative,they nonetheless gave me food for thought for another  time.

From taking a short cut to my Pupil just outside of the town of Wimborne,I realised that I had missed the fact that a B road had been closed ,leaving me to arrive at my pupil slightly late.This is something that I dislike,and I will endeavour to rectify that in future.That said,my actual lesson went well,and I love teaching singing very much as it gives me so much joy.

You know,singing is a wonderful thing to do,and I’m glad that we covered the songs that we did today.With the proliferation of community choirs,I have enjoyed encouraging my choral pupils over the years.Singing is a combination of an absolute raw musical expression,but,at the same time,the techniques to sing well have to be fully grounded.To me,this combination is a tight robe and it is a constant challenge to me to do this well.

Never have I felt though that teaching wasn’t for me,never.Even when you don’t get the response that you desire,it is still worth it,it is always buzz driven.When I think of where I came from,and my family background,I am so very lucky to teach music.Smetmes,I have to pinch myself as to the fact that I’m here doing this.However,I really am here,and I can deliver on my promises.

Yes,I will learn ,even at 58 ,from my mistakes today.also,I look forward to tomorrow.
    Adrian Smith..


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